Remote Mob Programming

For two years, I've been working from home fulltime doing mob programming. It changed my view on how software should be developed. I don’t want to work differently anymore. Interested?

Co-authored with Jochen & Martin

Java by Comparison

Based on the experience of six years teaching Java at University. The book comes with a unique didactic concept on how to write readable code through before/after comparisons.

Co-authored with Linus & Jörg

Effective Home Office

An opinionated and free guide to effectively work from home.

Co-authored with Jochen


I had a lot of questions on GitOps. What is GitOps? Why should I use GitOps? How does GitOps work? Trying to answer all of those questions.

Co-authored with Florian & Anja

Abfalltermine SaaS

Service for helping citizens to know when to put out their garbage, including Web, iOS and Android apps. Customers are County Bamberg and County Forchheim.